A self-managed condominium is one where the board of directors runs day-to-day operations directly instead of hiring condo managers to do it. There are a few reasons why condo boards might do this:

No extra Help needed

The condo community’s operations can be handled by the board on their own

limited Repairs & Maintainence

The community is a townhouse complex with very few repairs and maintenance. 

Small COndos

The condo is too small to justify the cost of a management company

Rural Areas

The condo is in a rural area and there are no managers nearby

This is where we come in.

Let Accountants hive handle all your administrative tasks, including, of course, your financial management. Our Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA’s) guarantee the accuracy of your condominium corporation’s financials, ensuring compliance with accounting standards.
Our Services Includes:

Accounting & Administration

Collecting monthly fees and addressing arrears, handling correspondence with owners, providing detailed monthly financial reporting with analysis, drafting budgets, mailouts of budget/letters, facilitating audit processes, managing CAO filings, offering assistance and advice on day-to-day matters, Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Reserve Fund Studies (RFS).

Community Website and Mobile App

Community Website Mobile app allows the owners to send online requests and provides with instant access to their unit information, financial ledger and documents library.

 Electronic Approval and Payments

The system allows you to digitally approve payments in seconds and provides you with the real time status of the payables and access to all past invoices of your condo

Monthly Pricing
$10 /unit 
Minimum $300.

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